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Avitech AviGlo Organic Red Dende Palm Oil

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Avitech AviGlo Organic Red Dende Palm Oil


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Avitech AviGlo Organic Red Dende Palm Oil

AviGlo premium palm oil is a certified organic red oil obtained by cold pressing the fruit of the dende palm. It provides a number of essential fatty acids including omega 3 and omega 6. Palm oil is familiar to birds in the wild as many use palm fruit as a large part of their diet. Macaws and Cockatoos as well as African Greys particularly benefit from eating AviGlo palm oil. AviGlo palm oil helps put sheen into dull feathers and improves dry flaky skin and feet. it is great for all birds, but especially greys, macaws and cockatoos. AviGlo is a soft solid at room temperature. The best way to use it would be to warm the bottle of AviGlo in water at about 80 to 85 degrees F until the oil liquefies. The oil can then be mixed with regular foods. For young birds or sick birds, feed 1 or 2 drops per 3 ounces of body weight.
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